November 17, 2016

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How do you manage your time? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Leave your best tip!




4 thoughts on “5 Key Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

  1. That’s funny – I am the exact opposite. I have to do all my “physical work” – housework, going for a walk, talking to people, before I can sit down quietly and use my brain for focused work. Most of my writing and creative work happens between 2-10pm.

    1. That’s so interesting Jennifer! Definitely not just 1 way to do it for sure. By 10pm if I’m even awake you’d be lucky to get a coherent sentence out of me… 😉

  2. The last thing I do before quitting work each day is to prepare / review my tasks for tomorrow – List them, prioritize them, assign them a time.

    1. Love that Peter- so helpful! On the days I don’t take the time to do that I definitely notice a decrease in productivity the following day.

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