September 28, 2016

Have you been thinking about writing an ebook but you're wondering if it is even worth your time?  Are you going to make enough money from this to justify doing the work up front?

Let’s flip this on it’s head for a second….

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What if you were being paid $1,000 an hour to write it?

Would it be worth your time then?  What about $500 an hour?

Everybody’s got a price 😉

Here’s the scoop.  Creating a product is often the thing that’s the first to go on the backburner because while you’re creating it you’re being paid zero, zip, zilch. So it might not look like a priority but here’s why it most certainly is.

Once you finish this project (if you do it well, and select a great topic) and launch it, if you follow the 6 steps to create passive income with ebooks, the money will continue to roll in for as long as you’d want (aka forever).  

If you were to tally the total amount of revenue that comes in from just this one ebook, not in the first month but over it’s LIFETIME and divide it by the number of hours you actively worked on the project… my guess is you’d be shocked at what you earned per hour to write it.

And you’ll quickly want to jump on your second one.

I’ll wait while you do some quick math….

And if you outsource most of the process the smart way, the ROI will be even greater since you’ll have spent less time on it.

Of course if your business right now is at a place where a lot of your time is spent on activities that will bring in revenue immediately and keep the lights on, I’m not suggesting by any means you drop everything and work on your ebook instead.  What I am suggesting is that you prioritize how you can carve out some time to start focusing on this, and other $1000/ hour tasks.

Carve out the time, dude!  Even if you’ve got 15 minutes. 🙂



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