I love connecting with new peeps and I truly appreciate you wanting to introduce me to your tribe.

Things that rev my engine…
  • Why passive and hybrid income is essential for every entrepreneur (going without it is like driving a car without insurance)
  • Creating hybrid income with online courses
  • Outsourcing, delegating and managing your online dream team (‘cause you didn’t ditch the day job to have your business run you)
  • Building your biz while working a full time “day job” (like I did!)
  • Transitioning from FT employee to FT entrepreneur (the employee mindset/ detox)
  • “Time management” for entrepreneurs (yep, there’s a reason it’s in quotes 😉 )
  • Juggling entrepreneurship with family (is “balance” possible?)
  • Entrepreneurship as an expat
  • How to achieve location independence
Things that cause me to stall…

(Because I value your time and mine and love reducing email ping pong for my team, here’s a list of what I’ll very likely say no to):

  • LIVE recordings. I travel often so time zone wise it’s hard enough scheduling the pre-recorded ones.
  • Anything that requires an exclusive email to my subscribers.


Once we receive your request my team will be in touch within 3 business days and if it’s a good fit, we’ll send you a link to my calendar so you can book your spot.

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