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Things I can’t stop talking about:
  • Why passive income is essential for every entrepreneur (going without it is like driving a car without insurance)
  • Creating passive income with ebooks
  • Outsourcing, delegating and managing your online dream team (‘cause you didn’t ditch the day job to have your business run you)
  • Building your biz while working a full time “day job” (like I did!)
  • Transitioning from FT employee to FT entrepreneur (the employee mindset/ detox)
  • “Time management” for entrepreneurs (yep, there’s a reason it’s in quotes 😉 )
  • Juggling entrepreneurship with family (is “balance” possible?)
  • Entrepreneurship as an expat
  • How to achieve location independence

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Official Bio

Sylvie McCracken helps entrepreneurs who have gone off-course get refueled and back on track by teaching them to run their business like a well oiled machine.

After more than a decade working with celebrities in the entertainment industry, Sylvie started her first business in the competitive nutrition and health industry and was able to replace her six-figure salary in 18 months through her relentless focus on strategy and efficiency.

Now, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to get back in the driver’s seat and increase the efficiency of their businesses through her signature courses and coaching.

Check her out and get her free guide to The 3 Keys to Running an Efficient Online Business at sylviemccracken.com.