March 29, 2017

Have you ever hired an assistant and wondered why it didn’t work out? You see other people hiring, and you know you need to hire in order to scale your business, but somehow it’s just never worked for you before….

There’s one big, crazy-odd mistake you might be making in your hiring process.

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Go ahead, guess: what do you think is the biggest mistake people make when hiring an assistant?

You might say it’s picking someone who isn’t skilled enough for the job. That’s a reasonable guess. If you’re hiring a graphic designer without any design skills or something, sure: that’s clearly a mistake.

But I want to shed light on a mistake you might not be paying attention to. A mistake that’s a little more surprising.

It’s this: When hiring an assistant, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hire someone who is just like you.

Crazy, huh?

It’s only natural. We all have a tendency to be drawn to people who are similar to us. Sometimes that means we end up hiring clones!

We hire people who we like to hang out with. People who have a similar personality, perhaps, and sometimes skill sets similar to ours.

That might sound like a good thing, BUT, what happens then is there are gaping, blind holes in your team.

If you hire only people focused on the big picture, who’s going to pay attention to detail? If you hire only people focused on details, who’s going to pay attention to the big picture?

You end up not having complementary skills.

So, I challenge you. Assess your next hire, or even your current team. Are there gaping holes or weaknesses shared among your entire team? What strengths does your team already have covered? Can you hire someone who is strong in areas where your team is weak?

For even more tips on how to hire an incredible assistant, check out this blog post. Do the work it takes to hire the right assistant – your business will thank you!

Have you ever hired a “clone” of yourself on accident? What other tips do you have for building a strong, efficient team? Share in the comments below!

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