April 5, 2017

Want to find a mentor to help with your business, but unsure how to find one or who to pick? This post is for you!

Here’s the deal: just as we often do when hiring an assistant, sometimes when hiring a coach we have a tendency to gravitate towards clones of ourselves. We want to hire people just like us, people we want to be friends with.

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It makes sense, right? That’s what we’re naturally drawn to! Which means we have to make a conscious decision NOT to hire people just like us.

The problem is, as I said in this post, that when you hire an assistant, you don’t want someone who has the same skill set and weaknesses that you do. You want to hire someone who complements you, someone who has strengths that are your weaknesses and vice versa.

So, here are my top two tips for choosing a great mentor.

     1. Find someone with the skills you really want to learn.

When you’re finding a coach or mentor or someone to learn from, find someone that has the skills you don’t.

For example, if you know that sales is a big weakness for you, find a mentor, course, or program that can teach you that skill.

Or maybe you know your copy-writing skills could use some improvement. In that case, find someone who could teach you that skill instead.

Be on the lookout for people who have expertise in areas you know you need to grow in.

     2. Don’t hire a coach or mentor whose business you don’t look up to.

This is a mistake I’ve seen people make over and over. Here’s what I mean: if, for example, you want to learn how to add more passive income streams in your business, don’t hire someone whose entire income is based on one-on-one client work. Even if they’re great at that.

You need to find someone who knows how to create the business model you want to create.

If you’re a speaker and want to become a better one, hire a mentor with that skill set. If you want someone who can create passive income streams, hire a mentor with that skill set.

So, there you have it: my top two tips for picking a great mentor.

If you’re looking for a coach for your business, I’d love to help you! I don’t do many one-on-ones, but I do have several programs that could be helpful to you.

If you’ve hired a coach or mentor, how did you make that pick? Did you make any mistakes, or do you have any regrets? Share your answers in the comments below! Let’s start a conversation around this.


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