April 5, 2015


How to Build a Business 15 minutes at a time - Sylvie McCracken

When I first started my online business, I had a hectic full time day job in addition to a family of 5 at home.  Needless to say, I didn't have huge chunks of time to get everything done, but I did have many 15 minute increments throughout the week, and it's amazing how many things you can get done in 15 minutes!

One of my favorite productivity tools is having 2 lists of things to do, divided into Big Things and Little Things.  Yes, it's really that simple.   Wundertlist is the tool I'm using for this at the moment and it works really well and syncs between my phone and computer so that I can add to it at any time and also check it any time I have 15 minutes and a bit of energy to get something done.  You can also use a google spreadsheet or the Notes app on your phone as well.

On the “Big Things” list I have tasks that take anything more than 15 minutes (usually a few hours or even a few days) to complete.  Examples of this would be writing a blog post, sending a newsletter, and outlining an ebook or other project.  These are the things I tackled on my Saturday “office day” that I had carved out for my business building time.   Everything else I saved for my Little Things list.

On the “Little Things” list was everything else and, surprisingly, this list was waaay longer than the Big Things list.  It's amazing how many things can get done in just 15 minutes and really move your business along one -tiny- step at a time!

Here's a list of things that usually take just 15 minutes, or can easily be broken down into 15 minute increments:

  • listening to a podcast
  • listening to an ebook
  • making a phone call
  • voice recording an idea for a blog post or product
  • voice recording draft of an email you want to send (send to yourself for a quick proofread)
  • sending emails
  • formatting/watermarking a photo
  • updating your business social media
  • replying to a few comments on your site
  • reading an informational blog post/ebook
  • planning the next work day
  • delegating tasks to your team
  • recording a video on Screenflow for your team
  • networking on Facebook groups relevant to your business
  • replying to comments from your readers on social media
  • decluttering your desktop!

When do you have 15 minutes?

When you're waiting in line, driving (the listening and speaking tasks only, safely with a handsfree device of course), during your lunch break at work, while running errands, while cooking (if you're just waiting for something in the oven or stove to do it's thing), while folding laundry or getting ready in the morning (for listening/watching activities), and so many more.

Is this productivity tip helpful?  What else are you struggling with when building your business with limited time? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

How to Build a Business 15 minutes at a time - Sylvie McCracken

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3 thoughts on “How to Build a Business 15 minutes at a time

  1. These are some really great tips here. I’ve never thought to split my tasks into things that will only take a few minutes. I’ve got a similarly busy schedule as you, so this will be very useful!

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