April 29, 2022

This (One) Mindset Shift Will Change Your Life… (and your bank account)

I'm writing you from a real estate mastermind in Puerto Rico… (why? lifelong student and yes, this is what I do for fun 🤪 🥳)

I've got a notebook FULL of nuggets this week with some of my faves coming from my friend and real estate mentor, Thaddeus Gala as well as the one and only Gary Vee who took the stage here yesterday.

So. Many. Gems.

I'll get to the life-changing mindset shift in just a second but first… an update from a face you might recognize from our testimonials…

Maraya Brown, former midwife and a grad from our Courses for Health Professionals™ program, sought me out not once but twice during the event (I think to make sure I heard her loud and clear) to thank me and share her update since we did an interview. Check it out below.

The TL;DR? Maraya with her online coaching program brought in multiple 6 figures last year and is on track for her first 7-figure year.  She said, simply, “thank you for getting me started“.

For me, what's most inspiring about her story is that she started with significant debt that she's since eliminated and legitimately did not have the money to join our program. Her best friend, who is also here, lent her the money. 🤯 And if that's not enough she went from shaking in her boots to launch a $2,000 program to now having a yearlong program that she sells consistently for at a much higher investment.

Now, as I always like to say, and if we've chatted you've probably heard me say it 8 times: when you start our program, there's real work involved. She said yesterday: “I worked really hard. After doing bedtime with the kids, I got back to work”. And, since she worked with us for over a year, I witnessed this firsthand.

So, while you're not going to be sipping Mai Tais on the beach by this coming Tuesday 🤪🍹, if you put in the work, and believe in yourself, you can certainly be sipping Mai Tais (or Pellegrino with lime if you're me 🤪) in Puerto Rico with your friends and mentors once you frontload the work.

Back to the life-changing mindset shift that I *highly* recommend you adopt?


First, one from my bud Thaddeus for you if you haven't taken the leap yet: “It can become effortless but first you gotta put in the work”. 💪🏽

And then for when the going gets tough, and I might be rare in this online world but I will tell you the going WILL get tough along the way, one from Paul Mort: “A blackbelt is just a white belt that didn't quit”. 🤯

So, while I can't guarantee you'll get Maraya's results at her speed because I honestly don't know if you'll get back up and put in the hours and be as hyper-coachable as her, what I absolutely can guarantee is that you'll never succeed if you don't start.

So, my question to you is legitimately, truly, and I actually want an answer from you on this…

Why haven't you started yet?

If you're a health practitioner that wants to make more income, have more freedom (so you can work when and where you want) and make a bigger impact in the world apply for our Courses For Health Professionals™ program and let's get you started.

Proud of you, Maraya… for doing the hard work and earning where you're at today 😘.

And, I can't wait to say the same to you in a year's time.


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