May 5, 2022

Creating a FULLY remote online business as a health practitioner doesn't have to be (this) hard…

I'm gonna keep it super short and sweet today and link you up to the FB live I just did that's only 12 minutes long that I think you're gonna wanna watch…

What I see time and time again from health practitioners is a tendency to think that because it's taken SO. MUCH. HARD. WORK. to get to where you are now that it's gotta be just as hard to get to the next place.

You know, the place where you actually get to start enjoying life a little more, making more money and actually making the impact you were meant to make…

I'm the first to tell you there's some rolling up of the sleeves that is required and if you want a “get rich quick” scheme I'm definitely not your gal, BUT the reality is that replacing your full time income with ONE online program you can run from anywhere with a wifi signal is a lot less “hard” than you're making it.

  • I know it likely took anywhere from $50k- $500k to get the education you have today and you HUSTLED to get those letters behind your name.
  • I know that whether it's climbing the day job world at the hospital or navigating the overhead and struggle that comes from launching a private practice from the ground up, you're not a stranger to hard work.
  • I know that you've likely skinned your knees along the way whether it's in the generating income department or delivering care to your patients or clients and much more.

Is it possible that today is the day you get to “cash in” on all the hard work from the past decades and that your online program is a “capstone” of sorts where you can take all those lessons and finally start making it work for you?

I had that message on my heart this morning as I was thinking about a client that's in the middle of a classic self sabotage moment because it actually is working and her subconscious hasn't yet caught up. It's a tricky spot to be in, but with my team's help, she'll get a flashlight on her blind spots and be able to get back on the course of letting it be easy in no time.

The much trickier spot to be in in my opinion?

Not taking the leap.
Not starting.
Googling it to death.
Knowing there's gotta be a better way and not reaching out for support from someone that's already done what you want to do.

Sound familiar? 😉

I've done it too. So no judgement here.

If you're tired of overcomplicating things, apply for Courses for Health Professional™ today, and let's get you a roadmap for how to create a full-time income with a part-time business that you can run from wherever, so you can actually make the impact you wanna make while enjoying your life in the process.

Is this the year you finally take the leap?

Let me know- I'm rooting for you!

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