May 6, 2022

How our ICU nurse client, Shakira, launched her pilot program with zero audience

Let's get one thing out of the way. Our ICU nurse client, Shakira, is a no-nonsense and no excuses kinda gal and without that I don't think she would have gotten these results…

This gal is COMMITTED to getting her clients' results; and from the minute she joined our program, she rolled up her sleeves and was determined to WORK.

Even with a 2 year old and a job as an ICU nurse, she knew she was meant for more, and decided to get help with the how (that's where we came in…)

I just interviewed her to hear directly from her, just a few months into this process the good, the bad and the ugly of what it takes to juggle creating an online program and business around a busy day job and home live.

Now you've seen me interview clients after working with us for a year or maybe even longer and sharing big numbers and crazy transformations, and I can't wait to interview Shakira in a year and share the same about her.

So why am I emailing you when it's not (yet) “replace your income” money?

Cause this is precisely where it starts. 

Cause this is the harder (and most rewarding) “hump” to get over.

And that's where I know most people will click away and go find a “get rich quick” scheme instead.

But, you, here's what I know for sure if you've read this far down…

You also want to make a bigger difference:
In the world
In your financial status
In your student loans
and, maybe more importantly…. in your calendar

Here's the bad news (cause you know I'll keep it 100% real with you).

The biggest catch 22 is that you need to carve out a few hours (minimum THREE quality hours; although the more the merrier), in order to create this income stream that gives you more freedom and flexibility.

You see, as soon as Shakira does the hard work ONCE of building out the content for her program… the time requirements of running it is a couple of hours per week.

So I'm curious…

Are you as committed to changing your life, your family's life, and doing work that matters this year as Shakira is?

If so, apply to work with us in Courses for Health Professionals™ (You'll get access to our advanced private training when your application is approved), and let's get your online program going ASAP.

Be prepared to do the work, and I always like to say give it 90 days to see results, but if you're what I like to jokingly call one of our “super caffeinated ones” like Shakira, it can certainly happen sooner…

You ready? Let's go! 

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