April 6, 2016

 Have you ever wanted to write an ebook but you think to yourself, “I’m not a good writer”?

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Let’s talk about that annoying little voice…

Here’s the good news: if you can write an email, then you can write an eBook

This is most likely a mindset shift that you just need to make.

How important is “mindset” when it comes to writing?

Mindset is the first module in my course Create Passive Income with Ebooks and one of my students’ favorites, in case that gives you an idea of just how important it is.  

That’s not to say we can’t improve our writing.  The best way to do that is by doing more of it- that’s right, by writing!

You just need to get started.

So if that little voice lives in your head as well, know that you’re not alone.

What if you’re writing in a language that isn’t your first language?

Technically, English isn’t my first language either but having spent half of my life in the U.S. I guess I can consider it one of my mother tongues.   

It’s quite simple. You need an editor.  And even those of us that are confident writing in English need an editor. (Trust me, I’ve tried doing that myself and my eyeballs nearly fell out).

Do you have to write?

Absolutely not.  If writing isn’t something you want to do, that’s perfectly fine too. You don’t need to write. There are other ways to communicate your message. You can record videos or do a podcast.

But if you want to write, whether it’s a book, an eBook, a guide, a cheat sheet, or anything else, don’t wait. Just get started. Preferably today.

I’d love to hear from you!  Have you ever thought you’re not a good enough writer to write an ebook?  Please comment below!


What to do if you want to write an ebook but you think you're not a good writer.

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