January 27, 2016

Many people have taken a personality quiz at some point in their lives, such as the popular Myers Briggs personality test.

What do personality tests have to do with entrepreneurs? Let me tell you about my favorite personality quiz and how it can be used by entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

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The Fascination Advantage Personality Quiz

I came across the Fascination Advantage quiz almost a year ago. And it is fascinating (pun intended). Unlike other personality quizzes which show you how you see the world, this quiz tells you how others see you.

The creator is Sally Hogshead and the test breaks down your personality based on:

  • Primary advantages
  • Secondary advantages
  • Dormant advantages

When you take the quiz, you will learn each of these three.


How This Quiz Helped Me Shape My Business

I found the quiz really helpful in figuring out why certain tasks are really exhausting for me. For example, my primary advantage is “prestige” – which basically means that I love quality above all else. I like to do things in a way that is polished. No wonder why ebook design is so important for me, and why I hate typos so much.

My secondary advantage is “mystique,” which means that I’m a bit more reserved and for insiders-only. Even though this is totally true, it was a big eye-opener for me.

My dormant advantage is “alert,” which is attention to detail. I don’t really enjoy the details of getting things done! I’m more of a big-picture type of person.

Once I knew what my strengths and weaknesses were, I was better able to build a team.


Building a Team Based On Your Personality Strengths and Weaknesses

When I learned that my dormant trait is “alert,” I realized that I need to find team members that are very attentive to detail. Luckily, I do have an assistant with that quality. This is essential for my business success. If all team members had “alert” as dormant traits, it could be a disaster.

Yes, I had each of my team members take this quiz. Knowing their results became really helpful in telling me how to delegate tasks to each of them.   One team member, for example, really doesn’t like to do the tiny tasks. She is more of a visionary. She’s creative and likes to come up with her own ideas.  That allows me to give her space to do just that, and I hand off the details to another team member.

Once you know what your team members’ primary advantages are, you can be stop trying to have people work in areas which aren’t their zone of genius, and instead have them use their primary skill sets as often as possible.

Luckily, when you have multiple people on your team, you can pull from different types of personality traits.   Keep this in mind when building your team because these different advantages and dormant traits can come together in a very cohesive way so we aren’t all clones of each other.

When you hire people, make sure you don’t hire more of you. If you all had the same primary advantages and dormant advantages, you’d end up with gaping holes in your team.

Unfortunately, Fascination Advantage is not a free quiz . But I’ve found it so helpful that I’ve paid for every single team member to take it. I highly suggest that you take it too! And have your team take it: You can take the quiz here.


Have you taken the quiz? What is your primary advantage and did it make sense? Leave me a comment below!


Affiliate disclosure: I love Sally’s quiz so much I asked her if I could be an affiliate and she agreed. That means that if you purchase her quiz thru my link I will receive a commission. Thanks for your support!


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