April 5, 2022

The Hidden Cost of Waiting for the Right Time…

I hear it all the time….

I bet you do too!

Maybe you've even said it before?

“I'd love to do xyz [write a book, start a business, run a 5k] but now is just not the right time”.

If I could monetize the sound of that phrase I'd be swimming in dough.

If there was ever a sh*t show year and a list of 50 reasons of not ideal anything it's 2020- am i right?

But I've got a question for you…. do you know what it's actually costing you?

In the FB live, inspired by my client and new mom on the tail end of her maternity leave, is all about the cost of waiting.

So then when is the right time? That's a GREAT question. Let's talk about it in the comments under this live.

Confessions- as always- welcome!

Are you accidentally giving up on your dream before you start?

Check out my FB Live, and if you're tired of waiting, get started; don't wait!



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