November 17, 2015

How to Make 6 Figures While Working Full Time - Sylvie McCracken

If you want to know how to make money online while still having a full time job, this is the video for you.

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Start with Healthy Habits

The first big part of making money online while you still have a day job is time healthy habits. This is something you can start with even if you don’t have an idea for an online business yet. You need to do some prep work to create space in your life for an online business.

Start with your health because, if you don’t feel well, chances are that you are not going to be able to do much more than you are already doing. For example, a big thing for me was to go to bed at a reasonable time. Go to bed early. That’s huge for me and because if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m just trudging through the next day.

You’ll also need to fuel your body well. Eat well. For me that means a diet of real foods and that makes me just feel a lot better. If I’m eating vacationy foods, I don’t really feel that great. When I go on vacations, sometimes I have a lot of gluten-free treats and this and that and, the truth is, I don’t feel awesome.

Another thing you can do is incorporate some exercise in your life. Now this might seem to have nothing to do with business or productivity or making money, but it does. You have to feel really well. I mean think about how athletes train, right? They really take care of themselves and that’s something that you absolutely need to do.


Time Management

The other thing you need to do is focus on how you’re spending your time. If you have a day job, that’s obviously a big chunk of your waking hours, right? So start by focusing on how you’re spending your time outside of work.

One of the things I did intentionally was to get ruthless with my time. I said no to just about everything. I cut back a lot of things, including watching TV shows and going to outings that I wasn’t really thrilled to go to. I had to be really picky and choose a couple of things that I wanted to do, and I had to say no to everything else. Yes, that might mean saying no to friends and family for a little while.

How are you spending your time in your day job also matters. Are you one of those people who is an overachiever and stays a little late at work? Are you getting paid for that time? If not, maybe you can start working only the hours that you are being paid for. Are you working through your lunch hour? Or are you going out to lunch every day? Could you use that time to run some errands so that you can finish your job at 5 o’clock (when you’re supposed to) as opposed to running errands afterwards so you don’t make it at home until 6:30?

These little chunks of time are huge. They add up to a lot. I have a blog post called How to Build Your Business 15 Minutes at a Time which shares tips and tricks about how I made the most out of every 15 minutes that I had.

Put out on paper or on your calendar app. Figure out exactly where your time is going and audit yourself to figure out how you can manage time better.


Maximize ROI of Your Time

If you have a blog already, awesome. If not, just start one and share content you are passionate about for now.

As soon as you’ve been blogging a bit, you can start monetizing your blog with passive income. If you have a day job, this is critical because you don’t have time to be doing one-on-one consultations. When are you going to schedule that? During dinner? Before breakfast? It’s kind of impossible. So passive income is your ticket and there are a lot of different ways to earn passive income. We will definitely talk about that in a different video.

But, right now, the reason for passive income is to maximize the ROI of your time. ROI just stands for return on investment. Investing just a bit of your time and getting massive results is one of the reasons why I love passive income. I can create something and it can continue to sell without me having to be there. I can be working on my next product or I’m delivering free content like I am through this video and that product is still selling. One of the best and easiest ways to make passive income is with ebooks. Ebooks were my ticket to making six figures in a matter of 18 months while working full time.

Ebooks are something I would absolutely recommend if you are new to online business and still working full time. I have a cheat sheet that is called How to Start the Right Ebook that Sells like Crazy. It will show you all kinds of tips on how to make sure you’re writing the right ebook

The ebook cheat sheet is helpful even if you haven’t started writing a blog yet. You can apply the same tips to starting your blog. For example, I talk about audience. If you don’t have an audience, you can use friends and family to get feedback on what you’re good at, what your passion is, what you can make money on, et cetera.

Now I would love to hear from you! Do you have any tips to add? Is your biz still your side hustle? Please comment below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make 6 Figures While Working Full Time

  1. Hi Sylvie, My website has been up and running for about 4 years now and it has regular traffic and quite a few of my articles get regular comments. One of the things that I’ve struggled with for a while is engaging my audience on facebook. I even decided to do a challenge that I set a group up on Facebook for and got a handful of people who signed up but I’m up to day 4 and no one is talking or engaging in discussion with me! I’m wondering is it a numbers game or am I truly doing something wrong here? any suggestions? 🙂

    1. Hi Kerry,
      Are you getting these peeps on your email list? FB is great but we have little control over it and they can (and have, and will) change their rules at any time. So I guess my question to you is why do you want to engage people there instead of on your site and newsletter instead?

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