Ready to work WHEN and WHERE you want while increasing your income and impact as a health professional?

Courses for Health Professionals™
helps you reach more clients without spending more time by creating a successful online course.


Create a successful online course, so you can reach more clients without taking up more of your time.

Let me guess...

  • Your income is directly tied to the number of hours you work, and you are maxed out and burnt out.
  • You have expertise that could help so many people, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to see them all 1:1.
  • You are tired of repeating the same diagnoses and regimens and answering the same exact questions over and over again every day. #GroundhogDay

If any of this has you wondering if I’m a mind reader...

It doesn't have to be this way...

You know you want to scale your income- but you’re not sure how to do that without simply adding more patients (and hours) to your already maxed out schedule

You LOVE your work and wouldn’t dream of giving it up entirely- but want to be able to do it with more flexibility and freedom so that it can support your life vs take over it entirely

You dream of impacting as many people as possible- but that’s impossible with only running a brick-and-mortar practice one on one.

The good news is… there really is a better way

Wondering how on earth does going online work in a "hands-on" profession like yours?

In 26 minutes Maraya and Sylvie tackle that and so much more - check out how our recent grad and Certified Nurse Midwife client went from maxed-out credit cards and $0 in online income to a thriving $20k per month online business while working part-time from home

Short on time? Go to the timestamps listed to get answers to your Qs quickly!

⏱ 00:50 - How Maraya transitioned from Certified Nurse Midwife to network marketing, to wanting to create an online course.

⏱ 05:44 - What were her hesitations?

⏱ 07:57 - Going from 0 to 6 figures and mindset.

⏱ 10:30 - Talking sales - become a business person.

⏱ 13:50 - Freedom - you can work from anywhere!

⏱ 15:24 - Paying off debt and hiring.

⏱ 17:08 - What is your course about?

⏱ 17:44 - Testimonials - Maraya is changing lives!

⏱ 19:17 - Getting resourceful and doing the work!

⏱ 20:55 - Maraya didn't just build a business, she built a life.

⏱ 22:18 - Advice from Maraya about joining.

Imagine what it will feel like when you reach more clients and help more people without adding hours to your day.

  • Maybe you can finally take a vacation without your practice taking a nose-dive
  • You get to help more people without working overtime
  • Your expertise is recognized, and you can stand out in your field
  • Or you can finally make that move, or simply spend 3 months abroad since your entire business only requires a laptop and an internet connection...

You’re ready to scale your income and impact while embracing a flexible part-time schedule, but you’ve got questions…

“This seems like a lot of work, what if I don’t have time?”

“Where do I even start?”

“I don’t have any sales or marketing skills, how could I ever promote an online course?

I know there can be lots of questions, confusion, and maybe even fear if you’re taking your practice online and away from the traditional 1:1 for the first time. If you don’t have a plan to stick to, it can be easy to make mistakes, get distracted, and give up. Without support, it’s difficult to even get started!

That’s why I created Courses for Health Professionals™

There is a brand new way to run your business without ever having to step foot into your office again…

Courses for Health Professionals™ is a 6-month group coaching program that will show you how to:

Decide on the BEST course topic that perfectly suits your expertise, the patients you love working with and the one that will be a breeze to sell

Validate your course topic with your list of past patients or clients and invite them to test it

Take the expertise from your brain to an online course

Learn how to sell your course with out being “salesy”

Build the buzz around your course and generate an interest list that wraps around the (figurative) block

And most importantly replace your private practice income with 20 flexible hours per week so you can finally stop feeling trapped by your practice!

As a student in this program, you’ll be in a group with other health professionals who want to work when and where they want, reach more clients, and change more lives!

You’ll be on the fast track to replacing your private practice income with coaching calls, content critiques, and amazing support from our team!

With our help and step-by-step instruction, you will:

  • Outline and design your online course so your clients get exactly what they need
  • Learn how to market your expertise to your ideal audience in a way that feels effortless, without needing an M.B.A.
  • Create your course, and get it out to your clients! No more 1:1 (unless you want to keep a handful of your faves!), so you can reach so many more clients and change lives

Click the button below to apply for Courses for Health Professionals™ and get access to our Advanced Private Training!:

Courses for Health Professionals™ gives you the step-by-step business education and guidance you didn’t get in school to show you how to sell your expertise beyond simply selling your time so you can make more money, work when and where you want, and help more people in the process.

  • We provide templates for marketing emails, contracts, course outlines, tools to grow your audience, sales scripts, and so much more. All of this will save you tons of time and money.
  • Combine our training, templates, and amazing support (through Q&A calls, personalized critiques on your work) and our members-only Facebook group where you’ll also be with other health professionals on the same path as you!
  • You’ll have everything you need to create a consistently profitable online health course business that allows you to reach more clients and help more people. This is exactly why you entered this field in the first place.

Real People Real Results

"Working with Sylvie has been a game changer for me. I put down a goal (in December) - You know what, I want to make a 10k month sometime in the next 12 months and I kid you not, my first 10k month happened on January 3."

Krista, Macro Coach & Nutritionist

"July was a $10k month for me ... it took 3 months to create! I'm doing it myself and feeling so turned on by my life! This is good stuff!"

Maraya, Women's Health Coach & Certified Nurse Midwife

"I’m blown away by Sylvie’s course. I’ve already doubled my investment. More importantly, I’ve honed my work to fully express my zone of genius working with beautiful clients old and new. Team Sylvie - you guys are awesome!"

Sonia, Soul Coach and Structural Integration Practitioner

"You are changing my life, my hubby's life, and the lives of the people I am now able to help. You truly are changing the lives of doctors."

Leslie, Addiction Physician and Emotional Eating Coach

Your life before creating a successful online health course:

  • Repeating yourself to patients day in and day out
  • A seemingly endless time for dollars grind
  • Burnout (and as a health professional I don’t need to tell you what that’s costing you…)
  • Losing the passion you once had for your practice!

Your life after creating a successful online health course:

  • Reaching and helping more clients than you ever could 1:1
  • The money you make is not tied to how many hours you work (yup- that means the sky’s the limit)
  • Freedom to work from wherever-and to design your work schedule around your life, not the other way around.
  • Re-ignited passion which inevitably leaks into every other area of your life!

What You'll Learn



Design your ideal first or next course including your pricing, what to include and what not to include in your program, and the positioning and messaging to make it stand out! We will help you structure a course that is easy to sell and deliver for you, while getting fantastic results for your clients.

Even if you already have a course, many clients make small yet critical tweaks to their program (like pricing, timeframe, content or support offered) to take it to the next level. We'll make sure your program is as streamlined and irresistible as possible.

Includes templates for each step of the design process.


Sales & Audience Building

If you already have an audience, great! We'll jump straight into selling your course with our easy plug-and-play templates that will have you feeling like it's selling itself. And whether you have an audience or not, we always need to grow it! Building an audience of buyers is the key. In this phase, we'll show you how to grow your audience using $0 of ad spend.

Includes templates for sales pages, phone sales, social media marketing, email marketing and so much more.


Deliver and Scale

Deliver your program in a way that fits your life, not the other way around. We'll make sure your program delivery is streamlined, rolling enrollment (no more launches unless you want to!), and as automated and efficient as possible.

This is also where we'll double down on expanding your reach by teaching you powerful ways to expand your audience using other people's audiences, being featured on blogs, podcasts and more.

Includes partner pitching templates, Standard Operating Procedures directly from the playbook we've been using for years, and more.

You'll get amazing support and an incredible community

Live group calls

With Sylvie 3 times per month- high-level strategy and mentorship to take your business to the next level

Weekly critique of your work

Each week you can submit your filled out templates for personal review and feedback from our team

Members-Only Facebook group

ask questions and get support from other health professionals creating their course

Live group calls with a coach every week

A chance for you to ask our expert coaches any questions you have

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session

Every month you can hop on a 1:1 call with a coach for even more personalized feedback on a topic of your choosing

Milestone Calls

We have three key Milestones in the program, after you hit each one, jump on a 1:1 call with a coach to debrief, course correct and improve your results

From real Courses for Health Professionals™ Grads:

“After today’s call, I’m feeling hyper-motivated! Thanks for the kick-in the inspiration, Sylvie! I am on a roll. LET’S DO THIS!”


COVID Recovery Specialist

“OK yes let’s celebrate! Super excited to get outta my comfort zone + start enrolling clients. Thanks to Sylvie McCracken for putting me in a place where I have an amazing course + for helping me become who I need to be as a successful soulpreneur.”

Soul Coach and Structural Integration Practitioner

“Fantastic program and team to work with! I enjoyed my time with Sylvie and the Team and learned so much! Her strategy works. Apply now! It's a great move.”

Life Coach


There has not been a single health professional we haven’t been able to nail a great course topic for (including those with very hands-on, in-person practices like chiros or acupuncturists! With a lot of determination and little creativity, it’s not a matter of if, it’s when your course succeeds.

Some tough love though… it depends largely on you, and your commitment. Most of our students are able to start selling their course within 2 months. Our overachievers with plenty of time on their hands have done it in as little as 15 days. 

Others may take a few extra months to find their audience and start selling. There is no right or wrong way, and our team will support you every step of the way!

We recommend you set aside 3-5 hours per week to go through the program and complete all the assignments.

The best time was yesterday. The second best time is today.

Starting now allows you to:

  • Reach more clients, and help more people
  • Build and grow your audience
  • Stand out in your field
  • Reach your income goals and escape the time for dollars grind

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

How do I know if I'm ready to join the program?

You are ready if:

  • You are looking to minimize or leave your 1:1 practice
  • You are searching for the right way to reach more clients, without taking up more of your time
  • You are willing to learn and are coachable
  • You want financial freedom

You are NOT ready if:

  • You are uncoachable or unwilling to learn
  • You don't really feel motivated to reach more clients online and create financial freedom
  • You are not open to minimizing or transitioning out of your 1:1 practice

Courses for Health Professionals™ will help you reach more clients, and achieve freedom from the traditional 1:1 practice.

You have two choices here…

You can keep trading hours for dollars, living for your weekends and short unpaid vacations, making just enough money to sorta-kinda make those student loans worth it, knowing you could help more clients if you only had a way to reach them

OR You can create and sell a profitable online course or program and minimize, or even completely replace your one on one practice!


If you’re ready to put your expertise to work and turn it into a profitable online course, the Courses for Health Professionals™ is going to be the program that changes your life.

What are you waiting for?

See you in there…


I don’t feel confident that I can sell or market!

Sales and marketing are two key components we teach our clients. We will give you all the scripts, tools, and tech recommendations you need to sell and market confidently, without feeling like a used car salesman!

I have no time to create an online course!

Setting aside time is a necessity for this program, however, it is only for 6 months and simply requires small adjustments to set yourself up for success! Imagine what your days will look like once the 6 months are up… Vacation? No more 1:1? Reaching more clients?...

Real People Real Results

“This is my coach! She and her team have helped me finally do the thing I’ve always dreamt of doing. I am finally making the impact for/with women to the extent that I knew I could. I am finally able to offer it virtually. I am finally able to start the journey of believing in my worthiness.”

Women's Health Coach & Certified Nurse Midwife

Shakira Headshot

“I've been a nurse for 8 years and I enjoy critical care so much but my journey wasn't easy and I've had this burning desire to make it easier for other nurses. I had the drive to do it but needed the SYSTEM to follow to make it happen. I'm only 2 months into the program and already have my program rolling with 3 paying clients! Carving out the time to create my program around my family and nursing hasn't been easy but it's 100% been worth it.”

Critical Care Nurse

Meet your mentor, Sylvie McCracken, and the team behind Courses for Health Professionals™

We help hard-working health professionals like you create a profitable online course and get more from your practice and your life.

With a degree in Business and a never-ending passion for true, life-changing, health, Sylvie launched her first digital product in the health space in 2013. That business has since gone on to help thousands through our books, programs, and supplements specifically focused on gut health.

Naturally, we started to get questions from health professionals who noticed our impact (and our income) and wanted help doing the same!

That’s how we ended up launching our coaching business in 2015, merging our 2 biggest passions:


Over the last several years we’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of health professionals replace their brick and mortar or day job income with their online businesses and we can’t wait to help you do the same!

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