How to work WHEN and WHERE you want as a health professional by replacing your full time income with ONE online program

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to escape the "time for dollars" grind you're stuck in and work WHEN and WHERE you want
  • How to create an online group program in a matter of weeks (if you've ever wondered how to get more sales without working more hours, pay VERY close attention to this part)
  • AND how to do all of this while making a positive impact on the world, and changing lives without red tape
Sylvie on her laptop

Sylvie McCracken is the founder and CEO of Courses for Health Professionals™. She's helped health professionals transform their one on one work into ONE life-changing online program they can run when and where they want.

Real people, real results

"July was a $10k month for me ... it took 3 months to create! I'm doing it myself and feeling so turned on by my life! This is good stuff!"

Maraya, Women's Health Coach & Certified Nurse Midwife

"I’m blown away by Sylvie’s course. I’ve already doubled my investment. More importantly, I’ve honed my work to fully express my zone of genius working with beautiful clients old and new. Team Sylvie - you guys are awesome!"

Sonia, Soul Coach and Structural Integration Practitioner

"Working with Sylvie has been a game changer for me. I put down a goal (in December) - You know what, I want to make a 10k month sometime in the next 12 months and I kid you not, my first 10k month happened on January 3."

Krista, Macro Coach & Nutritionist

Love note from a client
Client boasting $16k month