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Here's a quick message from Sylvie.

"The Ebook Engines is a better investment than my doctoral program that I am in my fourth year and still not done. The program is more than writing an eBook. It’s an entire business strategy! It’s concise on how to write an eBook and how to market it. As a busy health professional that runs a practice, I don’t have time to waste. The program is practical and to the point. The mentoring is priceless because the coaches are experienced and confident. The program was an answered prayer to move beyond a surviving practice to a thriving practice. Thank you!​​​​​​​"

Sandra Herrera-Spinelli

"I’ve never had this kind of business support - it’s practical, hands-on information, coupled with the mindset support that is absolutely necessary for success. I couldn’t be more grateful I found this team!"

Jennifer Kelly, Freedom Eating

"The tools, insights, instructions and feedback Sylvie and Millie give in this Ebook Engine program helped me move from “dreaming about someday” to having a completed eBook on the market in just under 3 months! They gave the step-by-step guidelines, accountability, and encouragement I needed to make the time each week to do the work. The support from others on the same journey in the Facebook Group was a terrific boost too - it was nice to know I wasn’t alone in the struggles and to have others to celebrate triumphs with (theirs and mine) :) "

Jen Alward, Hope and Healing at Home

"I have always wanted to put my patient counseling into written form, but in all honesty, I had no idea how to do this. Telling a patient verbally is so different than figuring out how to put that on paper. Mostly, I was just scared. Scared of failure, scared of looking like an idiot, scared of wasting precious time doing something that wouldn’t work. Sylvie and her team took everything I threw at them in this 8 week course, and gave me in response a completely new appreciation for my knowledge. EE gave me confidence to put myself out there, and the drive to see that it’s not just a good thing to do, but really a responsibility. As a doctor in a niche specialty, there are few people who do/know what I do/know. And there are so many people suffering from what I treat. "

Ebook Engines Alumni

"I was very skeptical of joining this course initially. I realize now that skepticism was a reflection of my mindset and a fear of failure. The support I got from the coaches during the program was honest, informed, and extremely helpful. The support I have gotten as an alumni has exceeded expectations. Definitely worth the investment! ​​​​​​​"

Ebook Engines Alumni


Ebook Engines Alumni