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You’ve been working hard on your blog, creating content and doing everything “they” say to do.
Running ads, chasing traffic, finding (good) sponsors (okay - ANY sponsors), working social media by land, air, and sea, taking the latest MLM for a spin… the works.  

Just one minor problem:  

You’re doing all that work and you’re still not making 
(much) money.  

Between juggling your full-time job, your family, and life in general, the last thing you have time for is a hobby.  

(And let’s be honest - a blog that’s not making great money is just that: a hobby.)  

I know it can feel exhausting when you’re stuck on the blog hamster wheel - and it’s VERY tempting to take a little drive and dump that laptop into the ocean. 

Don’t grab the keys just yet.      
I’m Sylvie McCracken
(fellow blogger), and I’ve got a sweet alternative for you.
"I’ve watched Sylvie build a six-figure business in a year with her strategies (which have also worked for me) while following her passion while also working a full time day job. Whether you have a hobby blog you want to take to the next level, dream about true passive income, or have a "meh" job - if you're at all interested in making more money for less work and having a life you love… you want to follow Sylvie’s step by step process to make that happen quickly." 

- Emily Bartlett,
Quick story first: 
Back in 2013 I was working full-time in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to provide for my family of five when I was inspired to start my first blog, Hollywood Homestead. 

Now, while I do have a four-year business degree, I didn’t know a plugin from a widget, Wordpress from Blogspot...I was a total newbie to this online biz thing.  

We can talk about the details later - but here’s the short of it:  

Six months after starting my blog I launched my first ebook.  

Six months after that I was making enough money 
to quit my full-time job. 

And so I did.  
  Within 18 months I was able to replace my previous six-figure income and transform that blog into the main income for our family. With ebooks. 
(2 of them, if we're keeping track) 
And look, 6 figures is awesome and seems to be what everyone and their cousin is after these days… but, you know what was even better than that? 

The fact that 2 of those months I was offline because #lifehappens and the money was still rolling in 

And we’re not talking about a few hundred dollars, we’re talking about THOUSANDS of dollars each month- a full time income with the only time requirement being the 30 minutes per week that my assistant spends on customer service. 

And THAT, my friend is the power of passive income right there.
Before we go any further, let’s agree that 
if I can do this, anyone can.
Waking up to an inbox full of sales 
doesn't get old.
Ebooks have been total game-changer for me, and I can’t help but want to teach other bloggers how to do the exact same thing through my program:

Create Passive Income with Ebooks
Create Passive Income with Ebooks is the roadmap for bloggers who want to make more money from less work.
(Yep, it’s possible. And totally legal - aaand you’ve probably already done at least 30% of the work! Even better- I can show you how to delegate another 30% to your assistant or future assistant. More on that later.
“I am SO glad I hired Sylvie. She over-delivers and has a genuine interest in helping. Her thorough approach led to EASY ways for me to make MAJOR improvements so that my message can have a wider reach and be monetized in a passive way. My investment in Sylvie will undoubtedly pay itself back over and over again. As a busy mom, Sylvie gets it all too well, and will help you make big changes in the fastest of ways. Hire this woman. She has the road map."   
Jenev Caddell,  
So, what’s the big deal with passive income? 

Passive income gets a bad rap sometimes. It just sounds scammy to people. I get that.  Or maybe there’s a bit of guilt surrounding making a lot of money with something that doesn’t feel like work most of the time. 

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: If you’re making an impact with your work and changing people’s lives you ABSOLUTELY deserve to make GREAT money while doing so.  They’re not mutually exclusive things. 

But here’s the (really, really important) thing…
  As a blogger and an entrepreneur, passive income is like insurance for your business.   
And we all know insurance isn’t optional - it’s essential. 

It’s income that continues to roll in whether you’re sick, or want time off to take care of yourself or your family, or you just want to work shorter hours and take vacations more often.   

It’s peace of mind. 

It's freedom. 

And It’s probably why you wanted to be your own boss in the first place. 

Passive income is just the tool that we need to achieve that freedom. 

So whether you want passive income to constitute 20% of your overall income, or 80% (my personal preference) let’s agree that you need at least some of your income to be passive. 

Agreed? Ok good.   

So why ebooks?

A) You're a blogger - so you're already a writer. #winning

You’ve probably got at least 30% of your book floating around your website, ready and waiting for its chance to bring in the dollah dollah bills.  

Seriously, though….ebooks are the fastest, easiest route to getting your first taste of passive income and cost nearly nothing to produce.   

They’re also the easiest to sell even if you don’t know a thing about marketing, tech, funnels, and all that jazz.
  It’s time to work smarter, not harder. (Hey, it’s a cliché for a reason.)  

“Sylvie gets down to business immediately with profit and lifestyle goals in mind. She doesn’t waste any time and is all about the results. You’ve got to have her in your corner.”  
- Carol Lovett,   
So what’s included in 
Create Passive Income with Ebooks?

Lifetime access to 8 video lessons
(with downloadable slides + MP3s to suit your learning style)
A few key worksheets
to help you process what you learn (but not too many - we want to save your writing time for your ebook!)
Take ‘n’ tweak swipe copy
customer service templates, affiliate pitch emails, calls to action, social media copy and everything else you need to get this book out there quickly (and professionally)
Exclusive access to our private Facebook group
where you can connect + share ideas with your fellow ebook entrepreneurs :)
“Sylvie’s articulate and motivating, and will provide the “gentle nudges” you need to keep moving forward. Most importantly, she has achieved the financial success we all want very quickly, and can help you do the same.”   

- Lisa Bryan,  
 So what's in each of the modules?
Getting Your (Mind)set Straight

Before we jump right into creating this beauty of an ebook, in Module 1 we’re gonna tackle some common objections that may be showing up as procrastination, lowball pricing and writer’s block.  You know, those pesky little voices that sound something like: “who am I to write an ebook? successful? make (plenty of) passive income?” Time to tell them to take a hike with 1 short and sweet exercise that you can rinse and repeat anytime you feel the need.
Selecting Your Topic                   
Let’s make sure you’re writing the RIGHT ebook, one that will have your customers lining up to buy from you, one that you’ll feel confident pricing well and displaying front and center on your site. That’s exactly what we cover in Module 2.  It all starts with narrowing down the exact topic for you and your readers and how to structure it and present it in way that’s irresistible to make sure it continues to sell for years to come.  This really is the most important step.
Writing Your Ebook                   
Time to roll up our sleeves and tackle the actual writing.  Don’t worry, after you’re confident in your topic from the last module, the mindmapping, outlining and basic framework I teach you in Module 3 will be a piece of cake.  (Spoiler alert: every step of the way I show you how you can have your assistant, if you have one, do the bulk of the prep work).   With all of that laid out, plus my absolute favorite time management strategies, the writing process will feel like the easiest project you’ve ever done!  Warning: may become addictive and lead to writing 3 other ebooks.
Design and Packaging (inside and out)
Whether you’re ready to hire a pro to make your baby sparkle or you plan on DIY-ing the design or your ebook, we’ve got you covered.  In Module 4 we’ll dive into detail not only on the cover and title of course, but also into the interior design so that your content can stand out whether your design budget is $0 or unlimited, whether you’re taking photos yourself, hiring a photographer, or buying stock images and the right and wrong ways to do each of those things. (Ain’t nobody got time to be in legal hot water, kwim?)  
Selling Your Ebook
In Module 5 it’s time to show off your finished product.  I’ll start by teaching you everything I know about pricing your ebook, so you can pick a (great) price that you feel comfortable with.  You’ll get your sales page done whether you decide to DIY it or hire a pro and we’ll get a little techy with it and break down a handful of systems you can use to sell your ebook that are so easy your grandmother could set them up (even if she’s never used a computer before- they’re that easy).
Promoting Your Ebook                   
Confession time: I’m the most laid back marketer on the planet.  But in Module 6 we’ve got something for everyone.  Whether you just want to do the minimal basic promotion for your ebook like I’ve mostly done (I wasn’t kidding when I said p-a-s-s-i-v-e) or you want to scream it from the rooftops and get your ebook into as many hands as possible, I’ve got you covered.  And you can rinse and repeat and apply as little or as many of these strategies as you want and come back and do it again when you feel like another spike of sales, or you need a downpayment pronto.
The Power of 
Whether you have a network of colleagues and business besties or not, in Module 7 we’ll tackle the affiliate gig from top to bottom.  Starting with how to find (great) affiliates that can help promote your ebook, how to approach them… all the way to how to make them love you forevah and want to promote everything you create from here on out.  And, of course, we’ll get a little nerdy with it and I’ll show you exactly how to run this program without a glitch in about 5 minutes per month.  If you use the take ‘n’ tweak swipe copy I’ve got for you, you can’t go wrong.  
Customer Service 
& Refunds
In Module 8 we’ll talk about different money back guarantees and the pros and cons of each so you can decide what policy to go with.  Then I’ll walk you through every possible customer service scenario, how I handle it (and by I, I mean my assistant, duh) and hand you swipe copy on a platter so you can be ready to roll with every scenario you encounter.
Indroducing The Swipe Bonuses
Sales Page Templates

1) The Short and Sweet DIY version: If you're planning on writing your first sales page yourself, this easy to use template will make sure you cover the essentials and get your sales page written (and selling!) asap, even if you have zero sales writing experience. 

2) Pro Sales Page: If you want to hire a copywriter for your sales page, or you want to dive a little deeper and take your DIY sales page to the next level, use this worksheet to make sure your copywriter knows exactly how to speak to your customers and make your ebook sell like crazy.
Promoting Your Ebook Swipe Copy

In Module 6 we dive deep into how to promote your ebook (aka, how to *get those eyeballs on that sales page*) so, why not make your life a lot easier by including take and tweak swipe copy that you can download instantly and have ready to fire off in minutes.  

This includes: 
- Blog post swipe copy 
- Email newsletter swipe copy 
- Social media swipe copy 
- Call to action swipe copy 
- Several promotional tools that are free and take a few short minutes to implement 

 (Did I mention your assistant can handle most of this without you? That's how we roll around here).
Affiliate Program 
Swipe Copy

If you're thinking of having an affiliate program for your ebooks, or you already have one and would like to expand it, these email swipe copies will take the guesswork out of how to approach potential affiliates. We have 2 versions to make life easy for you and take the "ick" out of the pitch: 

- Approaching affiliates you have a working relationship with (colleagues) 
- Approaching affiliates you haven't yet spoken to (think *cold emails made easy*)
Customer Service Swipe Copy

This is what I like to call my "business in a box". Over the years my team and I have carefully crafted the best *professional and friendly* replies to every customer service scenario you can think of. You'll get template emails so that you can hit the ground running with your customer service as soon as you’re ebook is up, whether you’re handling customer service yourself or with the help of an assistant. 
Learn how to hire and manage your dream team!

1. Why should you hire an assistant?

2. When should I hire an assistant?

3. Before you delegate, automate.

4. Where do I find an assistant?

5. How do I choose the right hire?

6. What tasks should I delegate (first)?

7. Paying your assistant.

8. Staying organized and safe.

9. Communicating with and managing your team. 
"Sylvie breaks down big goals into attainable steps, eliminating overwhelm and shortening your to-do list! She allows you to focus on the essential steps, one at a time and gives you the tools to accomplish them quickly. 

Sylvie inspires you to take action on your business dreams and make them a reality. I highly recommend her." 
- Heather Haynes,  
And, since courses can oftentimes become overwhelming when you’re first starting out, I also want to offer you MY support to help guide you through your 8 weeks of B-School. 

I’ll email you each week to encourage you through each of the modules (adding my insight to what I would be focusing on if I were starting my biz now) and support you via email. Sometimes just having the accountability is a huge boost in getting your course material implemented which is where the real magic happens.

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