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Todd Herman
High Performance Coach & Creator of The 90 Day Year

Sylvie is like a black hole. She’s able to bend time with her tips and strategies in a way like nobody else I’ve met.

Just one of her tips opened up a new world for me and my company, that has saved us not only a ton of time while traveling. It’s taken away travel stress and introduced us to a completely unknown world of concierge-like treatment.

Shivan Sarna
Speaker and TV Host

Within 20 minutes on a call with Sylvie we pinpointed and solved a problem that had held me back from moving forward for months.

I now have a clear, quick framework that will forever change how I make business decisions.

Her mindset work is fantastic!

Nutrition Coach

I wanted to thank you Sylvie, for not only offering such an amazing resource, but for being there and answering all our questions, with huge insight…

I have learned a lot from you in the past few months, and not only through the valuable information in the course, but also through other things you have shared with us, especially working on mindset issues.

Jenev Caddell

I am SO glad I hired Sylvie. She over-delivers and has a genuine interest in helping.

Her thorough approach led to EASY ways for me to make MAJOR improvements so that my message can have a wider reach and be monetized in a passive way. My investment in Sylvie will undoubtedly pay itself back over and over again.

As a busy mom, Sylvie gets it all too well, and will help you make big changes in the fastest of ways.

Hire this woman. She has the road map.

Emily Bartlett
If you’re at all interested in making more money for less work and having a life you love… you want to follow Sylvie’s step by step process to make that happen quickly.
Steph Farr

I had just recently hired my first Executive Assistant and Sylvie’s course extensively helped me automate, and also prioritize tasks with my assistant. The course also gives wonderful insight on the proper tools for us to optimize efficiency and communication.

We have been implementing these tools on a daily basis, and couldn’t ask for better results! Thanks so much Sylvie!